Friday, 19 April 2013

What are you doing about Windows XP end of life ?

Microsoft have announced that there will be no more support for Windows XP from 8th April 2014. See this link;
So what does this mean?
If you use an XP machine/PC for email or internet access it will be vulnerable from April next year - no updates (viruses, security breach, etc).
Some of your PC's might be capable of being upgraded to Windows 7, some probably will have to be replaced.
We are letting all our customers know 12 months in advance so they can plan what they are going to do about this. At this stage we are recommending a site survey to ascertain all of the following ...
1. How many XP machines do you currently have?
2. How many are being replaced anyway within the next 12 months (we can ignore these)?
3. How many XP PC's are used on the internet/email? i.e. vulnerable after Apr 2014.
4. Those that are vulnerable can they be upgraded & at what cost?
5. Finally those that are vulnerable that cannot be upgraded - replacement costs?
Once you have the answers to all the above you will be better placed to decide on how to resolve matters & hopefully put an action plan together well in advance of April 2014.
Andy Procter, Technical Director, A & N

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